Mama Loca, Indore

My Delicious Journey

Mama Loca is located in New Palasia, it is within a 5-minute walk from Chappan Dukan and can be easily spotted with a blue half door. Well, they claim to serve authentic Greek and Lebanese cuisines. I visited to assuage my cravings for some good non-veg food.

I thankfully ordered only two dishes here. “Shish Taouk” – char-grilled chicken marinated with saffron bohrat and cardamom served with hummus & pita bread, “Chicken with Hummus” – chunks of roasted chicken with lemon parsley served with stuffed in a pita bread. Both the dishes lacked flavor and tasted bland. Either the chef forgot to blend the required ingredients perfectly or it was just the way they make. Anyway, it didn’t satisfy my tastebud. My friend and I weren’t able to finish just the two dishes. The prices are on the higher side for the quality they serve.

At least the ambiance of this cafe will light up your…

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